New single "Beautiful Ones" by 22 Brides was released in spring '22! Thank you for the streams! 

You can listen here: Beautiful Ones

March 2021 my friend Kelly Hahne asked me to play guitar on his first release "Songbird". Kelly was born and raised in the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania. His songs are deep, sometimes painful as he sings of firsthand experiences from living there. His voice is authentically edgy and his songs are deeply moving. Give Songbird a listen!

Spotify Kelly Hahne Songbird


June 2021 my friend and co-writer, Kerrie Stelly recorded her first release "Honored", in Nashville. With her beautifully lilting voice, Kerrie sings of love lost, love honored and love yet to come. I am so proud to be a co-writer on these tracks!  Please give Honored a listen!

Spotify Kerrie Stelly Honored


July 2021 my friend Ian Costello released his first album of original music. "Kintsugi" is a labor of love filled with vibrant rock songs, intricate guitar, beautiful production and well crafted songs. I am proud to be a co-writer on 3 of the tracks and to lend my voice to the melodies. Please give Kintsugi a listen! 

Spotify Ian Costello Kintsugi