Hey everyone!! Check this out!! Jason Peverett is a blogger who did a nice story on me!! (I think he's into Star Wars too) scroll down until you get to my interview!!

I am so grateful to co-write with up and coming young artists. Riley Lynch, Julia Russo and Allie Martocci are three artists who I'm currently in the studio with and touring with as well! 

Julia Russo was just named Artist of The Week from Pavoh.org - you can read about her here: http://blog.pavoh.org/blog/artist-of-the-week-julia-russo

Riley Lynch and I are in the middle of editing his first feature video for "Holding Stars" produced by Bruce Macomber, and Allie Martocci and I will be in the studio soon getting ready to record her first EP titled 'Skin Deep"

Stay tuned for more news!!