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One of my earliest memories is dancing around the living room while my Dad played “Scotland The Brave” on his bagpipes, or my Mom strummed Joan Baez on guitar - my sisters and I singing along...this is the house I grew up in – lot's of music, all the time. There was so much diversity - Beatles, Beethoven, Bluegrass and Broadway so when people ask what my musical influences are it's really hard to pin that down!”

Carrie Johnson is a singer/songwriter whose own music crosses several genres - pop, rock and country but always with her signature style – strong vocals, memorable melodies, story telling lyrics and dynamic rhythm guitar playing. “I always put myself in a song and draw on real life experiences – usually they're my own...”

And there is a lifetime to draw upon. After attending Boston's Berklee College of Music, Carrie headed to New York where she became a professional background and jingle singer, honing her craft as a songwriter alongside her sister Libby. They formed the critically acclaimed band 22 Brides and released five albums on the Zero Hour/Universal Record labels. They were featured artists three times in Billboard Magazine, guests on the World Cafe, broke their hit song, “Another Distant Light” on 99X out of Atlanta, GA and toured the US and Canada extensively from concert halls to buzz festivals. “Touring with my sister and our band? Those are some of the best memories of my life. But we wanted to have babies so we put 22 Brides on hold.”

Carrie then moved from New York to Phoenix to Blacksburg, VA where she recorded her first solo album, Geographical Fix. Finally landing in Hartford, CT she co-produced her second cd, Move The Sun with Daniel Wise. “Life came at me so fast during that time. What parent is ever prepared for their child to be diagnosed with a life threatening illness? My daughter Julia (then seven years old) was one of the youngest in the country to have bi-lateral ovarian cancer. She fought the battle through chemotherapy and surgery and today is a happy and thriving college grad living in NYC!  “I wrote ”Little Bird” to capture the lonely 4:00am moment in the hospital, and founded The Little Bird House Concert Series as a way to give back all the kindness and support that was given to us while Julia was ill. Donations raised from those concerts went to various pediatric cancer research hospitals. Move The Sun was my “pay it forward” album – it's also a snapshot of my life that I documented with emotional songs."

Strength To Move Filled with vibrant country/pop crossover tunes, the album sings of loss, redemption and renewal. “I'm in a much happier place now, but there has been SO much change since I wrote Move The Sun.  I want people to know that you can go down to the depths of despair and rise victoriously – these songs are the latest stories of my life and I'm excited to share them with everyone.”

Carrie is currently the Music Director of Harbor Church on Block Island, RI, where she lives with her husband. She released a 4-song EP in August 2021 of inspirational songs titled Looking Up. 

Carrie and her sister Libby have been performing together again and plan on a new 22 Brides release sometime in 2022! She also plans on performing with her band whenever possible in the Connecticut/Rhode Island area.

Career Highlights:

Carrie Johnson is a professional songwriter and performer, private vocal, guitar and songwriting instructor, and Music Director. 

  • BMI songwriter with over 250 songs in her catalog, including over 75 co-writes with current performing artists

  • Nine cd's/EP's of original music (including 22 Brides): “Selling Fruit in Cairo”; “22 Brides”; “Beaker”; “Blazes of Light”; Demolition Day”; “Geographical Fix”; “Move The Sun”; “Strength To Move”; "Looking Up" and various singles released

  • Published composer for film: Orenda Films “No Way Home” and independent film “Exposure”, and animated film "Ferretina - The Promise"

  • Professional studio vocalist and rhythm guitarist (artists include Paula Abdul, Deborah Gibson, and Belinda Carlisle)

  • Business owner: Gratitude Music, LLC (Publishing Company) Music Time, LLC (A Children's Music Program) The Little Bird Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to pediatric cancer research)



“Carrie Johnson is one of those captivating artists who sweeps you off your feet with her effortless unstoppable talent, transporting lyrics, and infectious spirit. Her music is a generous gift with impact, passion and depth. I am especially fond of her live shows ... she is a rare gem.” - Michelle Rhea Caplinger, Senior Executive Director The
Recording Academy, Atlanta

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