May 4th, 2023
I received a call from a music licensing friend last week curious if I had any music from the 80's I might be interested in pitching. When I looked at my catalog I realized how many songs I had written before my sister Libby and I formed 22 Brides, and that not many people had ever heard these songs! As my friend said to me, "retro is in". I thought, OK. Why not release some of these songs? All of them were written and recorded in the late 80's and all were produced by Daniel Wise. For anyone who has enjoyed 22 Brides and my solo work beyond that, take a walk down memory lane with me! Thanks in advance for listening to 

“The 80's In New York City”

Release date May 18th, 2023 available on all streaming platforms ❤

My new single “The Endeavor” is out on all streaming sites! It's a cautionary tale based on true life experiences. Thank you for listening…


22 Brides “Beautiful Ones” was released in spring '22! Thank you for the streams! 

Haven't heard it yet? Listen here: