We are living in an exploding world right now. Updating my website seems almost insignificant in light of so much loss, so much fear. As I write this, protests are erupting all over the country for George Floyd, another black man murdered by a white police officer. Yes, #blacklivesmatter and I'm sick to death of the racial divide in our country. I'm sick to death of waking up to yet another incident involving white against black.

Covid19 is alive and well even as the country is opening up. Out here on our tiny island we are playing it safe, following the rules, wearing masks and social distancing. I'm blessed that no one in my immediate circle has gotten sick.

So what does music have to do with this? There are no live performances in sight for the foreseeable future but that doesn't stop me from being completely engaged in writing, co-writing, recording and singing at the top of my lungs. Music has always gotten me through tough times and thank God it's something I can immerse myself in. 

Be well friends. Take care of yourself and others. Be kind. 

I feel a protest song coming on. 


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