Hey friends!!

Hope everyone is doing well and living with less fear and worry. With Covid slowly in the rear view I'm allowing myself to be excited about live performances again! Got a whole summer filled with gigs on beautiful Block Island, RI!

2020 and this past spring haven't been a complete bust though. I've been busy writing and working as a co-writer,  guitarist and vocalist on several project that are hitting online stores this summer! 

Last year my sister Libby and I went into the studio to record some songs completely live, mainly bluegrass covers because we love that genre, and we'll be releasing an EP soon of those songs. 

I found myself working more closely with my husband especially when I needed to find songs to fit his sermon. For those of you who don't know, my husband Peter is the Pastor of Harbor Church on Block Island, RI. As the Music Director I can't always find the perfect I decided to write my own, and co-wrote one of them with my friend Kerrie Stelly. The result is a 4 song EP titled "Looking Up" which I'll be releasing at the end of July! It's a departure from the usual style I write but I'm excited to share these songs with you! 

Lot's of music coming your way, recorded and live! I hope to see you soon! 




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