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"DON'T BE GONE" Live August 6th, 2011




What a year it's been!! I can't believe 2014 is almost coming to an end - but 2015 will bring so much excitement, so much music and joy! I just wrote a new song for my nephew Mason Wise, have a few more in the oven and am working with a loop to bring an interesting contrast to my music when I perform solo gigs..
Lots going on with my co-writer's/artists that I am working with. Riley Lynch is currently on tour with The Jam Tour/Fest, I'm finishing up Julia Russo's first CD, and next up is Allie Martocci - we're getting into the studio by the beginning of February.
My band - we haven't performed lately but the spring will bring new venues to perform and I can't wait to play with my guys again. 
Wishing you ALL a very Happy, Joyful and Prosperous New Year. Fill each day with gratitude and hope. Be well my friends and thank you for supporting my music!!
With Love and Light,

FALL 2014 

The thing I love most about the Fall season are all the beautiful colors!! What I don't like is knowing that soon the trees will be bare and I will be cold!! Oh well, I've got my guitar to cozy up to - and lot's going on! Take a look at my Tour page and hopefully I'll see you at a show soon - in the meantime, enjoy this amazing time of year...
Peace and Love

WINTER 2014!!! 

Wow - it's the winter that just won't quit!! I've been cold since December and I am very excited to feel warmth again soon. But that means I'm not staying in the "now". I have a hard time with that actually. As a DIY musician, I'm always having to stay one step ahead of myself to get things done...which means planning. Gigs, studio time, writing new songs, recording, updating sites, you know it's endless but I'm grateful. But back to my "now".....

It's been a busy time!! I've been so lucky to write with some very talented artists. I've talked about Riley Lynch before...he started out as one of my vocal students but we started songwriting about 2 years ago.  He trained hard and made it to finals on the now canceled X-Factor TV show.  We weren't upset about that - he gained so many loyal fans and now we're about ready to release his first EP of songs we co-wrote together.  I'm in the unique place of helping to forward his career, so he's got some shows coming up and I'll be by his side playing guitar for him as he belts out these tunes like no one can!!

I'm also working with Julia Russo - wait til you hear these songs - I'm so excited!! Lauren Brave - finishing up her CD...FINALLY!! Allie Martocci and Joshua Pinton - these kids are SO talented. It's a gift to write with younger artists because they have such a different perspective on life than I do. life's all about writing, recording, performing, teaching, mentoring, managing and keeping a balance.

I hope you're feeling balanced and enjoying your "now". I've got some great shows coming up and would love to see your smiling face soon....
Love and Peace and Blessings to All,


 Hi Everyone!!  I just released my latest song, "Why" and it's available right here to listen to (or purchase!) Hope you enjoy - I was inspired by a friend going through an "on again/off again" relationship, and remembering that I had one of those in my past as well...
Cheers to all and be sure to check out my tour page for upcoming shows!!!

Peace and Love,


I'M BLESSED!! And other NEWS in FEBRUARY, 2013! 

Someone told me recently that I say "I'm blessed" often...So I'll say it again - I am so blessed.  As a songwriter and full-time musician, I feel very lucky and happy to be where I am right now in life.  So far, my musical journey has led me down many different so much more than I could have ever imagined!  What am I up to lately? I've found myself in the amazing position of "artist development" helping younger artists compose, record and release music - helping to make their dreams come true!  I've been in the studio with some very talented singer/songwriters and I wanted to share the news with all of you who visit my website!

Riley Lynch is a 15 singer/songwriter from Avon, CT who just released his first 4-song ep; "Thank You". I was blown away with his voice when we first started working together, and when we started writing, the songs just came out so naturally. We co-wrote 3 songs (Thank You, Golden, You Want Me When I Leave) and he covered my song, "Stand In Your Way" (off of my album Move The Sun).  Riley will be auditioning for The X Factor this coming spring and I am so excited for him, proud of him, and can't wait for the rest of the world to HEAR him!  It's wonderful to be his friend, co-writer, mentor but most of all, watch him spread his wings.. You can visit his fan page at: Riley's songs are available on all music download stores: itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc...

Lauren Brave is 16 years old from Simsbury, CT and we have worked together for almost 3 years now!  I've basically watched Lauren blossom from a shy 13 year old to a confident 16 year old who is ready to take on the world with her music. Lauren expressed an interest in songwriting about two years ago, and we discovered how easy it is to write together - she always has lyrical ideas and I always have a melody so we make a great team.  I am very excited about the songs we co-wrote and have now recorded and released (Closer, Player and Monday In May)!  I know that the future is wide open for Lauren. You can visit her fan page at: Lauren's songs are available on all music download stores: itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc...

When I met Olivia Plaut, she was 8 years old and came to me for guitar lessons. I quickly discovered that she could sing beautifully though and started working on vocals too.  One day, I was looking through her notebook and came across some words she had written, "Sun, sun shine on me, I hang you on my wall for all the world to see..." I asked her if she wrote the words and she replied yes - so I told her we could make a song out of her words. I am amazed sometimes that one of the most talented and prolific artists I work with is 10 years old! Olivia has since released her first 4-song ep as well.  "Shine On Me" would be considered a children's record, but these tunes are far more mature than that.  Olivia performs now locally at open mics, talent shows and fundraisers...I am truly honored to be a part of this magical young girl's life.  I see Olivia's future and it holds a musical journey that will take her very far.  She is too young to have a Facebook Profile, but I think a fan page will be coming soon and I will post it when it does!  Olivia Plaut's songs (Shine On Me, My Best Friend, My Guitar Player, Air Guitar) are also available on all download stores: itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc..

These are not the only artists I work with...I'll be in the studio this spring with Josh Pinton, Julia Russo and Julia Davis - all of these singer/songwriter's are young and so very talented and I am simply honored to work with them.  I also get the privilege of co-producing most of these songs with one of my best friends who also happens to be the bass player in my band, Len Bobinski. Len opened up Augmented Studio in Simsbury, CT last year and hasn't had down time yet (which is why MY songs aren't finsihed yet either..cause he's so busy!)

As for me I AM going to be finishing three new songs with Len and hope to get those done by March!  I continue to perform regularly with my band (mostly in the Connecticut area) and am very busy working with over 40 amazing singers/guitarists/songwriters every week as I coach and teach and mostly try to give them ALL what I have learned from my years as a songwriter, singer and performer - my LOVE and PASSION of music. What a gift it is to be a musician. What a thrill it is to take an idea, form a song, breathe life into it and send it out into the world. What an amazing experience each and every time I hit the stage and sing words that mean something to me, and have them mean something to a stranger or a friend. How truly wonderful it is to be able to work with my amazing band - Dave Martin, Dave Zucker, Dennis Cotton and Len Bobinski - all of whom are talented to the extreme.  So when I think about my life as a musician - which includes songwriter, performer, vocalist, instructor, mentor and now artist developer - do I think I'm blessed? Without a doubt.
Peace and Love everyone.....


The release of a new album is always exciting for me - it's one more body of work I can share with you. I was having coffee this morning and the beautiful cardinal came by to say hello. This bird visits me almost every morning - for about a year now. I started writing a song about him - turned it into a sparkling pop song and that just got me thinking. The one question I get asked a lot is - "what kind of music do you play?" I try and search for an answer to that one and I'm always stumped by that.

For me, the beauty of being an artist is that I write what I feel. I think the more appropriate question would be - what kind of music do I love? I love a great melody, and I love thought provoking lyrics - I love to listen to a good story in three minutes - I love being moved by a song.

"Strength To Move" is a blend - there are some jangly pop songs, there's country pop, there's a little bit of folk. I don't ever stick to one genre and I like it that way. I can write a song with more blatant lyrics like the cheater song - "There's The Door", or bring it down a notch to more reflection on "Double Dare". Why don't you take a listen and send me an e-mail - YOU tell ME what kind of music I play - I want to know! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my new album...

Available from the Store Page or on Itunes!



Also - it would be great to see your smiling face at one of my shows.......


Carrie Johnson Acoustic Performance

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Landmark College, 19 River Road South, Putney, VT 05346


This will be my second time performing at the beautiful campus at Landmark College! Hope to see lots of students there!! Peace!!

FREE Age limit: 18+